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5 Benefits of a Great A/C Maintenance Plan

5 Benefits of a Great A/C Maintenance Plan

When you get a new air conditioning system installed in your Downriver home, you’ll have the opportunity to sign up for an ongoing maintenance plan. For many homeowners, the immediate instinct is to balk at the idea of spending the extra money; after spending a bunch of money on a new AC unit, it’s tempting to close your wallet up as tightly as possible. However, an AC maintenance plan should be looked at as an investment. When you enter into this type of agreement with a reputable company like Flo-Aire, you’ll end up getting excellent returns for your money in the long run.

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    What is an AC Maintenance Plan?

    An AC maintenance plan is a contract you agree to with the HVAC company that installs your new air conditioner. The specifics of these plans can vary, but typically, you’ll be paying an extra fee for the company to provide ongoing maintenance services for your cooling system. These maintenance services will primarily involve yearly tune-ups and checkups for the equipment. In some cases, additional services such as replacement parts, priority treatment, and emergency services are included in the contract as well.

    When you’re considering any type of HVAC maintenance plan, it’s always wise to verify exactly what you’re getting for your money, as some HVAC companies will provide much better value with their plans than others.

    Why is Air Conditioning Maintenance Important?

    One of the nice things about an AC maintenance plan is that it will take the burden of proper appliance upkeep off your shoulders. You undoubtedly have a busy life, and with so much going on all the time, it can be easy to forget about or procrastinate things like HVAC maintenance. If you have an AC maintenance contract, though, your trusted HVAC professionals will help make sure your cooling system consistently receives the service it needs. So, why is it so important to keep up with AC maintenance?

    When the Michigan weather heats up during the spring and summer, you probably rely pretty heavily on your household air conditioner to stay comfortable. While there’s nothing wrong with regularly using your cooling system, the equipment is consistently accumulating wear and tear when it’s running. Over time and with enough usage, the overall performance of the AC unit will inevitably start to decline. Potentially, certain components of the appliance will wear down, break, or malfunction. As this process continues, your home’s air conditioner will gradually lose its energy efficiency as well as its ability to keep your living space consistently comfortable. Additionally, the odds of mechanical problems arising will increase significantly, and you may end up having to deal with costly repairs.

    Professional air conditioning maintenance is extremely effective at slowing down the natural deterioration of your cooling system. During a standard tune-up, your HVAC technician will take several steps toward restoring the system to peak performance. For one, they’ll give the unit a thorough cleaning, clearing out all of the dust, dirt, and small debris that has built up in and around the system over time. That will allow the air conditioner to circulate air more smoothly while keeping it cleaner and healthier for your family to breathe.

    Perhaps the most important part of a maintenance visit is the inspection. The skilled professional tuning up your air conditioner will closely inspect the many components that work together to keep the system running. They’ll check for any parts that are damaged or close to wearing out. If they find any, they’ll be able to replace those components before they can cause serious problems for the appliance. Your technician will also be searching for any warning signs that a system malfunction or breakdown is on the horizon. In many cases, discovering AC issues early on makes them much easier and less expensive to deal with.

    What Are The Benefits of AC Maintenance

    Now, you can see why neglecting regular AC maintenance is a bad idea. But you may be wondering what kinds of positive effects you can expect to notice after having your air conditioner serviced.
    Regular maintenance allows your air conditioner to operate much more smoothly and consistently. As a result, it should be able to do a better job of evenly cooling your home and keeping you comfortable throughout the hot summer.
    Another major benefit of professional AC maintenance is that it will allow your cooling system to operate much more efficiently. Because the appliance will be clean and free of any mechanical issues, it will be able to run without requiring as much electricity. That will lead directly to your monthly cooling bills being more affordable, which can save you quite a bit of money throughout the spring and summer.
    When your air conditioner is harboring lots of dust, dirt, and other contaminants, some of those pollutants will inevitably get cycled into the air you breathe. After your maintenance technician cleans out the system, it will allow for your AC unit to circulate consistently cleaner air.
    Air conditioners that receive consistent tune-ups through maintenance plans tend to experience far fewer mechanical problems than other cooling systems. This is partially due to the preventive measures taken during the service, and it’s also a result of the appliance being able to run more smoothly overall. This is another way in which having an AC maintenance plan can save you money in the long run.
    Typically, an air conditioner that’s able to run efficiently and with minimal problems will have a pretty long lifespan. In fact, cooling systems that receive yearly maintenance have been known to stay productive for up to five years longer than those that don’t. And even a couple of extra years allows you to put aside some money and plan for the eventual system replacement.

    Your Trusted Air Conditioner Professionals in Downriver, MI

    As you can see, having a quality AC maintenance plan certainly has its advantages. When you have a new air conditioner installed by our team at Flo-Aire Heating, Cooling & Electrical, we can provide you with a comprehensive agreement to ensure that it stays healthy, efficient, and effective for the long haul. If you have any questions or would like to schedule an appointment, simply give us a call today at (734) 285-1809.

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