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A furnace and A/C split system is a popular choice for commercial buildings in the Downriver area. These systems combine heating and cooling into one unit, saving space and allowing temperature control through a single thermostat. This makes them a great option for businesses operating out of smaller spaces.

At Flo-Aire Heating, Cooling & Electrical, our licensed technicians provide expert installation, maintenance, and repair services for all types of furnace and A/C split systems. Whether you need a new unit for your commercial building or your current system needs maintenance or repairs, our team will gladly take care of it for you. Trust us to keep your facility comfortable and equipped with a dependable HVAC system, give us a call today at (734) 285-1809.

Furnace and A/C Installation

At Flo-Aire, we make it easy to get a new furnace and A/C split system installed in your commercial facility. Our team will help you choose the best system for your needs and budget, including energy-efficient options that can save you money in the long run. Our technicians are experts at installation and will work quickly and efficiently to get your new system set up. We strive for complete customer satisfaction and won’t consider a job done until you’re happy with the result.

Furnace and A/C Repair

At Flo-Aire, our HVAC technicians offer reliable repairs for furnace and A/C split systems in commercial buildings. These systems can experience wear and tear over time, leading to mechanical problems and decreased efficiency. If you notice strange noises, odors, or inconsistent airflow from your system, or if your energy bills are unexpectedly high, it may be time for a repair. Our technicians are trained to quickly diagnose and fix problems, restoring your system to peak performance. Don’t let HVAC issues disrupt your business – call us at (734) 285-1809 for prompt and effective repairs.

Furnace and A/C Maintenance

Regular maintenance is key to keeping your commercial HVAC system running smoothly and efficiently. At Flo-Aire, we offer professional maintenance for furnace and A/C split systems to help extend their lifespan and improve their performance. Our skilled technicians will closely examine your system and check for any issues that may be affecting its efficiency. They will also look for any warning signs of potential equipment problems and take preventative measures to save you money and hassle in the long run. While maintenance does have an affordable cost, the benefits to your company can be significant. Contact us to schedule maintenance for your HVAC system.

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Whether you need a brand-new furnace and A/C split system or just a replacement part, you can trust that we only offer high-quality products and systems at Flo-Aire.
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Why Choose Flo-Aire?

Ensure your commercial furnace and A/C split system is running efficiently and effectively with help from the skilled technicians at Flo-Aire. Our team has the knowledge and experience to provide reliable maintenance services that will keep your business comfortable all year round. Trust us to keep your system running smoothly and efficiently.

When your commercial furnace and A/C split system isn't working properly, it can be inconvenient and uncomfortable. At Flo-Aire, we understand this and are dedicated to getting your system back up and running as quickly as possible. Our team is committed to providing top-quality service and exceeding your expectations. We prioritize your needs and will do everything we can to ensure that your business has reliable heating and cooling. Trust us to deliver the best service possible.

Ensure your commercial furnace and A/C split system is reliable, durable, and fairly priced with services from Flo-Aire. We only work with top-quality brands to provide the best value for your investment. Our skilled technicians will guide you through the entire installation process, from choosing the right system for your business to proper setup for optimal performance. Trust us to keep your business comfortable and your system running smoothly.

Commercial furnaces and A/C split systems can be complex, but our team of skilled technicians at Flo-Aire is equipped to handle any issue that may arise. With years of experience working on a variety of makes and models, they have the knowledge and expertise to provide reliable and efficient services, from routine maintenance to emergency repairs. Trust us to keep your system running smoothly.

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