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Generator Services in Southgate, MI

If you want your generator to remain healthy and effective in the long term, you need to be proactive about keeping it in good condition. Much like an engine, your generator needs periodic maintenance to continue running smoothly, producing good results, and avoiding mechanical failure. For residents of the greater Southgate area, there’s no better choice than Flo-Aire for generator maintenance and repair services. If you take care of your generator, it will take care of you in return. Not only will it potentially serve you for several extra years, but it will also perform significantly better when you need it.
That said, like most electrical appliances, generators are complex pieces of equipment. Even if you stay on top of maintenance and treat your generator well, it may occasionally encounter problems. When that happens, you’ll need the help of expert electricians who know how to diagnose and solve an issue, and our team at Flo-Aire fits the bill. We’ll inspect the generator closely and identify anything that’s negatively affecting it, and then we’ll do everything possible to restore it to peak performance.

Generator Repair

When something goes wrong mechanically with your generator, it’s important that you get the issue professionally handled promptly. If you put off scheduling the repairs that the device needs, the generator may end up failing you during a natural disaster or power outage. Fortunately, if you contact Flo-Aire, our skilled electricians will visit your property and inspect the malfunctioning equipment thoroughly. Once they figure out what’s wrong, they’ll get to work on restoring your generator to consistent, healthy operation.

Generator Installation

At Flo-Aire, it’s important to us that your home is prepared at all times for an unexpected power outage. Our generator installation experts are licensed, insured, and highly trained, and they’ll handle the job with absolute professionalism. We’ll not only help you select a high-quality generator, but we’ll also handle the entire process of setting it up in your household.

Why Choose Flo-Aire?

We’ve been a staple of our community for over 60 years, and you don’t achieve that kind of longevity by accident. You may at some point find yourself counting on your generator in an emergency situation, and that means you should only trust established, reliable professionals to work on it. We’ll make sure that when you truly need your generator, it will get the job done.
At Flo-Aire, we understand how stressful it can be to have an ailing generator—especially during the freezing Michigan winter. We’ll be compassionate, friendly, and accommodating to your every need throughout the entire course of the job.
When you browse our selection of electrical products, you’ll see firsthand that we only carry durable, first-rate equipment. If you need your new generator installed, we’ll get it done in a timely manner and for a reasonable price.
When your generator isn’t working properly, you don’t want to leave it in the hands of inexperienced electricians. At Flo-Aire, our electricians know exactly how to get the best results out of your generator and keep it running in tip-top shape.
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